Procedural information A-Z

Here you get an overview of the management services, you can process via the points of single contact.


Lawyer, admitted to the lawyer

Legal services register, registration in the register of legal services

Travel trade card / business card

Travel trade, permission for the occasional offer for sale of goods

Travel trade map, grant application form

Travel trade map, approval of exceptions

Pipe transmission systems, recognition as a certified testing

Take-back of sales packaging, noting the comprehensive withdrawal


Sound and heat protection, recognition as an expert

Soundproof, heat, fire protection - recognition as an expert

Show bodies of people, permit

Show posts by individuals permit (application form)

Show posts by persons, extension of the permit

Shooting associations, recognition of associations and approval of sports regulations

Signature law, recognition of testing and verification bodies according to article 20 a of the signature law

Signature law, certification service - display of operation

Signature law, certification service provider accreditation

Signature law, certification-service-providers activity

Explosive accessories, approval of explosive accessories (including exceptions)

Stability, recognition as an expert

Stability, recognition as an expert in the field

Tax advisor, ordering foreign tax advisors

Tax advisor, ordering domestic tax advisors

Tax advisor, ordering domestic tax advisors in exceptional cases

Tax advisors professional registers, registration of persons office abroad

Steuerberatungsgesellschaft, recognition

Tax consultancy, participation in an existing tax consulting company