Our portal

Our portal

Our Multilingual Internet portal offers you numerous information on the different business situations (reasons, lead, close, cross-border provision of services) to your entrepreneurial project. You will also find a lot of information about the topic "Professional recognition".

Our top 10 procedures on the home page give you a quick overview. Here you will find procedural information (necessary documents, fees, legal bases) for your concern.

In our professional recognition section you will find a lot of information and details about supporting associations or organizations. Contact details and procedural information for the recognition of your foreign professional qualification can be obtained from our recognition finder.

Find Responsibilities

We will help you to get in touch with the relevant authority or organisation that deals with your query or that you are required to contact to get all necessary certificates, permits and approvals to run a business in Germany.

For this purpose, a modern "responsibility Finder" is available on this portal, in which you can only find your search term (e.g. Business registration) and enter the desired location. This will determine the competent authority and thus facilitate contact. You can also get more detailed information about the procedure and the required documents in one click.

The responsibility Finder is currently in the revision. We therefore ask for your understanding if some information is not yet available. In this case we will also be happy to help you personally and to find out the competent authorities and institutions for you. Call us at 05231/71-3450 or write an email with your request to info [at] nrw-ea.de.

Ticket system

You have the opportunity to conduct all procedures and formalities in accordance with the EU Services Directive and the EU Directive on the recognition of professionals via the central contact point "online". This will save you the authorities ' passages.

For this purpose, the only contact person receives an electronic application system in the form of a ticket system.


Ticket system