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What is the single point of contact?

The single point of contact is an institution under the EU Services Directive. The aim of the EU Services Directive is to promote cross-border provision of services and to reduce bureaucratic obstacles and intergovernmental barriers.

The single point of contact is an online service for service providers and specialists from Germany and abroad. It will provide you with support for all relevant procedures and formalities for the commencement of a service activity or for the recognition of your foreign professional qualifications (EU professional Qualifications Directive). By using the single point of contact you receive bundled service from a single source and you save yourself the aisle to the various authorities. You can submit your applications from anywhere via our electronic application System "ticket system" at any time. This reduces the bureaucratic burden on you.


In NRW, the services of the single point of contact are free for you. Therefore, even if you make your request through the single point of contact, you only have to pay the fees payable by the competent authorities. 


How can the single contact partner support you?

You have a business plan and would like to open a small business or a craft business, for example? Or would you like to have your foreign professional qualification recognised? We will be happy to accompany you and support you in your project.

The tasks of the single point of contact are the provision of information and the coordination of procedures. As a single point of contact for all questions about the areas of service and professional recognition, you can support the same partner for the following:


  • Information on the necessary procedural steps for taking up or exercising your entrepreneurial project

  • Information on required certificates, permits and permits

  • Identifying the bodies responsible for them

  • Communicating the contact to the competent authorities

  • Coordination and mediation of the procedure between you and the competent authorities

  • Overview of Chambers, registers and excerpts

  • Formal examination of the completeness of incoming applications

  • Transfer of applications to the competent authorities

  • Process and deadline monitoring of online application submission

  • Information on advisory services



















In the following overview you will find all the procedures that can be handled by us:


Unified Contact Person NRW

C/O District Government Detmold

Leopoldstraße 15

32756 Detmold,

Phone: + 49 (0) 5231/71 3450

Fax: + 49 (0) 5231/7182 3450

E-mail: info [at] nrw-ea.de


Telephone Service Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00-16:00 a.m.

You can use our ticket system 24 hours a day.

You are welcome to answer your questions:

Fabian Halt, Beate Schewietzek, Nico Schuppenat and Sabine Sommer.


The unified contact Person NRW is a public body and is subject to state supervision.

EA outside NRW

At national level, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWI) is responsible for the implementation of the European Services Directive. The federal government's task is to coordinate the implementation of the directives in the 16 countries and to support the countries in matters that concern all. The federal States are responsible for implementing the concrete measures. This leads to the fact that different models exist in the crucial areas-as with the establishment of the single points of contact-depending on the federal state.

Here you get to the list of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWI) The single point of contact in Germany. If you would like to settle in a different federal state than North Rhine-Westphalia, you will find competent contact persons there.


Contacts in the EU

eugo-logo.pngLinks to all points of single contact or Points of single contact in Europe can be found on the pages of the EUGO network.