Travel trade map

When do I need a travel business card?

To prevent the first mistake: under the so-called travel trade, the trade order does not mean the operation of travel agents, but the outpatient industry, e.g. "Flying traders" or stand-holders in private markets. If you want to operate a travel trade, you need a permit, the so-called travel trade card. In addition, the travel businessmen requires a Sondernutzungserlaubnis or

Exemption if he wants to operate on public roads.  A travel trade exists when someone outside the commercial establishment without prior order or to have one carries on commercial activities. 

Including fall according to § 55: Gewerbeordnung (GewO)

  • the purchase and sale of goods or other commercial services
  • the provision of services
  • the exploration of orders on performance 
  • the pursuit of entertaining activities as an independent Showmen or fairground-style
Where can I get a travel trade card?

If you would like to operate a travel business, requires the permission in the form of a travel trade map. It is to apply, where the applicant has his permanent place of residence or habitual abode in the Public Affairs Office.

The tour business card is valid in the entire Federal territory. It must be carried and presented on request during the business practice.

What documents must I submit?
  • Application form grant a tour business card (In the application itself the goods should be listed) 
  • Identity card or Pass  
  • Clearance (to apply to the local authority in whose district the person concerned has his habitual residence)
  • Information from the commercial register (to apply to the local authority in whose district the person concerned has his habitual residence)
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office (to request from the tax office responsible for the applicant)
  • Passport photo
  • If necessary Certificate of the Health Department after the infection Protection Act (only when selling unpackaged foods)
  • If necessary an extract from the trade, business or association register



For the issue of the travel business card a management fee, the amount of which constitutes the Office responsible for the applicant.

Important Notes

The travel trade card may not be handed to you until you have signed it. It cannot, therefore, be sent by postroute or electronically, but must be received by you personally in the commercial Kelowna. Electronic processing of the complete procedure is therefore not possible.

If public roads, trails and courts in the exercise of the travel industry are to be used, a special use permit is required. This must be requested from the municipal administration.