Registers and directories

Public register

An entry in the commercial register is for larger companies in dependency of

  • Sales amount,
  • Number and qualifications of the personnel,
  • Diversity of services offered or
  • Business connections


You can however also voluntarily enlist in the commercial register. Extensive information about this topic as well as the corresponding online services can be found on the Joint Register portal of the federal government and the Länder.


Common register Portal
Register Portal-logo_0.pngOn the common register portal of the countries you will find the commercial, cooperative and partnership register, and to the extent the register of associations of all the provinces and also register notices (publications).


With this registry portal, the German judiciary offers the possibility at any time to inspect the commercial register of all the provinces. Also data from the cooperative and partnership registers, and in part from the Club registers are offered in addition to the commercial register.

Even without knowledge of the registration number, you can search for registered companies and sole proprietorships. The content of the register is provided in various forms of representation as a pdf document and can be saved and printed out.

In particular the current phrase with an overview of all currently valid entries, the chronological expression with all data from the transition to electronic records, as well as the historical expression with all data that was valid until the transition to the electronic management of the registers are available.


Insolvency notices

On this page, the bankruptcy courts publish notices, which are going to be, when a bankruptcy court has been requested the Federal Republic of Germany.


Business register

In the company register of the Federal Ministry of Justice, extracts from the registers can and partly also balance sheets be viewed by legal persons.


Federal central tax office

By 2015 the sales tax to some services in the country is due within the framework of the EU VAT package, in which the consumer resides. Them on the 1. January 2015 coming into effect special of the mini-one-stop-shop allows the Germany-based entrepreneurs to explain centrally about the federal Central Office for taxes electronically send this tax return and pay the resulting tax total sales carried out in the other Member States of the European Union, which fall under the special scheme, a special tax.


Commercial register

The central commercial register is kept at the Federal Office of Justice. Please contact the Federal Office of Justice to individuals and legal entities, which have their domicile outside of the Federal Republic of Germany. Private individuals and legal entities with domicile in Germany information generally to the competent registration authority or Trade authority. You will need an extract from the commercial register if you are for example want to make independently in the security industry. The competent registration authority or You can use the responsibility Finder to determine trade authority. Online, with a new ID card, you can request an extract from the commercial register.


Federal Central Register / certificate

Are from the central register of the Federal Clearance certificates issued. You will need this if you are for example want to make independently in the security industry. Private individuals and legal entities with domicile in Germany information generally to the competent registration authority or Trade authority.


Land register

The land registry offices run by the district courts in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can determine the competent court of the municipality using responsibility Finder or about the location and the Justice Portal of federal and State Court directory.


Asset register EEG

In the system register at the Federal Network Agency, the registration of plants generating electricity from renewable energies and gas is conducted according to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). Ads or messages can be addressed to the Federal Network Agency.


German patent and trade mark Office

The German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) provides various information and applications: official publications and registers for patents, utility models, brands and designs, electronic patent document archive, intellectual property rights electronically, Register print Works-works taken for non-commercial digitisation projects (etc.).


Aviation register/aircraft role

LBA-logo_1_1.pngApplications for registration in the register of aviation or the role of the aircraft and on the issuance of certificates of airworthiness must be in the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LBA).


Location register GMOs

The location register location of the surfaces of the release or the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is kept at the Federal Office for consumer protection and food safety (BVL). Cultivation for linked page, on the forms and information sheets on the release of GMOs sites.


Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik

To secure the proper manufacture of construction products can the involvement of test, monitoring and/or CA (PÜZ digits) or be prescribed by laboratories or (product) certification authorities. These require according to the law of recognition. You will find a directory of the recognized bodies on the side of the German Institute for building technology.


Companies House

This English-language page offers to search the possibility, that are registered in the English register (e.g. for companies Limiteds). The offer is free of charge.



The multilingual database containing all measures relating to tariff, commercial and agricultural legislation. The TARIC ensures uniform application in all EU Member States and gives a clear overview of the measures that must be taken if the import or export of goods all economic operators.



Professional directories

Listed below are links to various professional groups (E.g. Professional directories Engineers, lawyers, interpreters) put together.


Chamber of patent attorneys

About the database run by the Chamber of patent attorneys, you all can find approved Patentanwältinnen and patent attorneys in Germany.

Chamber of Auditors

The Chamber of Auditors (WPK) leads a nationwide public professional register, in which all Accountants and sworn accountants or Accounting firms and book audit firms are registered.

Insurance brokers / intermediaries

In this register, which is managed by the German industry and Commerce (DIHK) will find all registered insurance brokers and consultants.

Of attorneys

Facing the Federal Chamber of lawyers of all lawyers admitted in Germany and lawyers, the European lawyers admitted in Germany and lawyers, the lawyers established in Germany and lawyers from other States pursuant to § 206 BRAO and search for all verkammerten lawyers.

Interpreters and translators

The list of generally sworn and publicly appointed translators/interpreters and translator/translators is published via the e-Justice Portal of the Federal and State Governments.

Legal services register

Certain legal services may be provided only by persons have demonstrated their competence in the competent court. The legal services register published the registered persons.

Accountant directory

Tax consultant search of the Chamber of tax advisors of Hesse allows you to a tax advisor or Place, postal code, phone code, work areas, as well as industry and language skills looking for an accountant.