Commercial card

When do I need a business card?

The business card is a certification for commercial activities abroad.

If you E.g. In another state need proof that you are entrepreneurial in Germany, you can have a commercial legitimationskarte issued. The prerequisite is that you operate a business in Germany. For the recognition of the commercial legitimation card abroad, however no guarantee can be given over.

Who represents the commercial legitimationskarte?

Contact the community / city administration, in which your company is headquartered.

What documents must I submit?
  • completed application form (must be requested at the competent municipality)
  • Identity card or passport
  • If necessary Trade register, register of associations or cooperative register extract
  • If necessary Clearance/excerpt from the commercial register
  • If necessary Craft map
  • If necessary Proof of insurance, that are required for the exercised commercial

The charging framework is from €10.00 to €100.00