Trade log

When must I register to my business?

If you move within the city area with your company, branch or branch office, you will need to change the trade. There are other cases of the need for a change of address:

  • The legal form of your trade changes
  • The supply of goods changes
  • The offer of services is changing
  • The trade moves within the municipality/city

Would you apply the operating seat of your industry in a new city, you must log off first your commercial in the city, in which you had registered it. Then, you log on your commercial in the new town.

Every trader of the duty of disclosure is subject to in accordance with § 14 of trade regulations (GewO), so commercial ummeldungen are mandatory.

Where do I report to my business?

You need to order or the industry at the local Trade Licensing Office to register, so there, where you have registered your business also. At each commercial registration including a communication to the competent tax authorities, the industry and Chamber of Commerce takes place or the Chamber of trade and professional association.

What documents must I submit?
  • the business registration form ("information downloads").
  • Copy of identity card or passport with the last registration certificate
  • If necessary. Extract of Commercial register (for registered companies), for foreign companies with a certified translation in German language
  • If necessary. Copy of the trade card (in the case of a trade subject to registration)
  • If necessary. Copy of the corresponding permit or   Concession (in the case of permits requiring commercial)


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With a commercial registration usually same as when a business registration, d cost. (h). Depending on the municipality mostly between 20 and 25,-EURO.

Trade Reregistration simply via the single contact partner NRW

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, the single contact person NRW. If desired, we will also gladly coordinate your request for business reregistration electronically via our "Ticket system". Our services are free of charge.