Open restaurant

What exactly is a restaurant?

A restaurant will be operated, if

  • Drinks for consumption on the premises or
  • given prepared meals for consumption on the spot and the operation is accessible everyone or certain people.

But also the travel industry is subject to the catering industry, for example If in the course of an event, beverages and prepared food for sale ("food trucks") are offered and these each or available to a specific group of people.

Where do I sign the restaurant?

Basically a catering operation is subject to a permit and must be displayed at your local commercial / Public Affairs Office.

Which documents should I submit?
  • Completed form to the business registration (information downloads)
  • Proof of identity (identity card or passport)


In addition, you must provide other evidence in the following areas:

  1. Personal reliability
  2. Professional competence
  3. As well as certain property-related conditions


1.) the following documents must be submitted for their personal reputation:

  • Police clearance, this you can request from your competent registration office.
  • Excerpt from the commercial central register, which you can also request your registration office.
  • Clearance certificate of competent tax office, which confirms that you have any tax arrears in this.
  • The local tax authority clearance certificate
  • Excerpt from the debtor directory of the District Court
  • If necessary. an excerpt from the commercial register, if you want to set up as a limited company and run the business as a sole proprietorship.


2.) professional competence is demonstrated by the following documents:

  • the participation of a Chamber of Commerce briefing on food regulations according to § 4 restaurant law (restaurant briefing).
  • Certification of the first instruction of the local health department after the infection Protection Act (§ 43 para) 1 No. 1), which should not be older than three months.


3.) object-related conditions:

  • Rental, tenancy or The restaurant premises, purchase agreement
  • Proof that the premises for the hotel and catering industry in accordance with the national regulations are (if any) can Construction drawings/plans of operating premises including Sanitary facilities)


In particular, still separate documents may be necessary, that the competent authority will announce.

Restaurants that serve alcohol, are since the 1. July 2005 permission-free. Here, only a business registration is required. The rules to be observed for all restaurants (food law, construction law, youth protection, blocking) are observed also by permission-free farms.

Opening a restaurant easy to handle online via the single contact partner NRW

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If you questions about the individual documents or to the competent authority, contact us, we can help you.