This task is associated with a considerable degree of responsibility and diverse duties.

Accurate bookkeeping or the proper transfer of taxes also determine the success of a company such as hiring and managing qualified employees.

Finance and controlling

If you want to introduce your company successfully in the long term, the financial situation and controlling play an important role.

With the help of the wage and income tax calculator on the pages of the Federal Ministry of finance, you can precisely calculate your income tax. Based on your taxable income, the income tax calculator also determines your average tax rate and how much would be you left from a potential extra earnings.

The topic of controlling is illustrated in the brochure "founding times 23" of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology here in the download area.

Financial aid of the employment agency

The Chambers offer in many branches of industry first support small and medium-sized enterprises which are wrong and can handle it despite good market opportunities through their own efforts.

The federal employment agency provides important information on the subject of financial support on their homepage. Here's will include topics such as insolvency money and reintegration grant.


Hiring and running qualified employees is one of the key success factors of a company. Special skills requires in the personnel management, so the agreement wages and salaries, social security compliance and the occupation of posts with appropriate staff.

On the homepage of the employment agency for detailed information related to this topic, in particular

  • General information on the employment of foreign employees
  • An information sheet on the demarcation between the release of workers and the posting of workers
  • Information of the central international and placement services of the Federal Employment Agency (ZAV) of admission to the German labour market
  • Interesting facts about the employment of refugees and to the need for skilled workers 

You can also find more information about hiring employees under the Business Registration service.

Awarding portal

Sub-contracting. NRW was a single point of contact for public procurement for companies as well as for municipalities and state authorities under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance.

Numerous target group-specific information can be found on the platform. Visitors to the site get a transparent overview of the procurement activities of the country, municipalities have the opportunity to participate in many different ways and function modules such as the awarding marketplace allow, for example, the electronic Processing of award procedures. 

The awarding marketplace can also be reached at www.evergabe.nrw.de.