Form pool


Forms, forms... even in the 21st century. Century isn't even without them. We would like to offer you a small aid for making the application with our form pool, however.

For this reason for and ordered by the following topics and professional groups all forms stored on our website in PDF format and information sheets on this page.

At the bottom of the page, you will find forms that are comprehensive for numerous professional groups of importance.

Architects and engineers

Forms of the Chamber of engineers of construction North Rhine-Westphalia for EU citizens

For the implementation of the EU services directive, the Chamber of engineering construction of North Rhine-Westphalia provides various forms for EU citizens who wish to provide services in the areas of stability, structural fire protection, ground and foundation engineering, sound - and thermal insulation or construction template permission in North Rhine-Westphalia. More detailed information can refer to the form pool Chamber of engineers construction NRW for EU citizens.

Tradesmen and craftsmen

The form server of Startercenter.NRW provides a Web-based service to the formalities of the founding entrepreneurs and Existengründerinnen.  After your registration, enter your data into a so-called meta form there. From this, the required forms for the various authorities are automatically created. They need only to print out, sign and send to the appropriate locations. Important phone numbers, contact, fact sheets and information materials are already stored in the form server and can also be printed out. A manual guides you step by step through the entire program.

The frequently requested forms are provided also below in PDF format.