European Professional Card

European Professional Card

Directive 2013/55/EU amending the Professional Recognition Directive 2005/36/EC introduced the European Professional Card (EPC). It is intended to simplify the professional recognition procedure. The European professional card is an electronic certificate and is used to recognise your professional qualifications in another EU country.

Currently, five professional groups can apply for the EPC:

  •             Nurses and nursing nurses for general care
  •             Pharmacists (Basic Training)
  •             Physiotherapists
  •             Real Estate Agents
  •             Mountain guides.


On the EU website "your Europa/Your Europe" you will find extensive background information on the European Professional card and the link to the Online application form (button "access to the EBA procedure").


Videos on the EPC (English with subtitles):

1. German subtitles:

2. French subtitles:

3. Dutch subtitles:

More languages can be found here.