Electronic signature - Governikus

The Governikus signer provides all functionalities that are necessary for ensuring and checking of the integrity and authenticity of files, as well as the non-disclosure of file contents. You can sign files with the Governikus signer, to ensure their integrity and authenticity. Note: The use is possible only for domestic signatures. Users outside of Germany please use a regional signature solution.

You can verify signed files, to verify the integrity and authenticity. You can encrypt files, to keep the contents secret and you can decrypt files (if you have the necessary keys), to bring the content back to its original form.

Advantages of the digital signature

Is a 'digital signature'

  • Easy - she's quick and easy to make.
  • Sure - you can not to falsify.
  • Fast - signed files can be processed electronically.
  • Authentic - authenticity of the sender is detectable through an online certificate check
  • Versatile – can be used for intellectual property & copyrights (z. Example images).
  • Economical – it reduces the printing, distribution and archiving costs.
  • -Lange workflows can run efficiently off complete media applications.

Detailed information, refer to the user's Guide.