Registration craft role

Issue the certificate of registration in the role of craft (craft card)

If you want to be self-employed, you must register with the Chamber of Crafts. The Chamber member directory includes three areas with different requirements for registration:

  • The list of crafts to be subject to authorisation ("Craft Role"): Appendix A of the Craft Code (HwO)
  • The directory of open trades: Unit B1 of the HwO
  • The directory of craft-like commercial: Annex B2 of HwO
Who has to be entered into the crafting role?

Who want to become self-employed in an authorisation craft must meet certain conditions, so that its operation in the role of craft is entered. You can find out which professions in Germany are subject to admission to Appendix A of the Craft Regulations (HwO).

In the occupations of Appendix B1 (Registration-free crafts) and appendix B2 (trades-like trades) of the HwO, registration is made without proof of qualification (master letter). The Chamber of trade leads directory, in which the owner of an establishment of an admission-free craft or a craft-like trade be registered.

If, for example, a craftsman (E.g. Mason) wants to open a business, he must also present a copy of his craft card at the trade registration. He receives this if he has entered the crafting role.

The following conditions must be in place for you to be able to enter the crafting role
  • You have a master craftsman or Have acquired an equivalent qualification abroad.
  • Other tests are recognized when they are "equivalent" (z. B. final exams at a German University, a nationally recognized technical school or diploma of another EU Member State).
  • Experienced apprentices who have a six-year professional experience in their craft, of which four years in a managerial position, can submit an application for exercise entitlement according to § 7 (b) HwO and then, with the exercise authorization granted, they also make themselves with their own company in a trade subject to authorisation (exempt from this regulation are chimney sweeps, opticians, hearing care professionals, Orthopedic technicians, orthopedic Shoemaker and dental technicians).
  • In addition, the legislature over the granting of a derogation request has created the possibility of self-employed persons exercising a craft professional of the plant A. Z received a derogation request. B. Persons for whom the placing of the master's examination would constitute an undue burden and which can prove the knowledge and skills necessary for the self-employed exercise.
  • A craft company in a trade that is subject to authorisation may be established or taken over even if the owner of the holding does not have a qualification, but has hired a manager with the required qualification.
Where do I apply for a trade card?

There are seven Chambers, each of which is responsible for their region in North Rhine-Westphalia. You must contact the Chamber of Crafts in whose region you would like to start your business.

Which Chamber of Crafts is responsible for me?

Which documents should I submit?
  • Copy of the identity card or a comparable identification document
  • completed and signed application for registration
  • entry in the Appendix A of the trade and crafts code: qualification (master craftsman / EU certificate)
  • When hiring a professional Manager: Manager statement and employment contract
  • If necessary. Excerpt from commercial register of the District Court (for legal entities or partnerships)
  • If necessary. Social contract, if for the artisanal line one of the general partner or a hired professional managers fulfills one of the requirements for registration.

Own applications are in the Chambers for the application for registration. Gladly we find out the correct form for you to. The plant manager Declaration can be found below ("information downloads").


Depending on the chamber, different fees are charged for the registration, which is approx. can be between 100 and 400 €. We will inform you in some cases.