The Point of Single Contact for North Rhine-Westphalia - Central Service Office for administrative services

Thursday, 15. Sep 2016

Since January 2016 the Points of Single Contact in North Rhine-Westphalia can be found in the District Government Detmold. The PSCs support the work of the local authorities. They provide information and coordinate the administrative requirements of service providers and professionals.

The introduction of Points of Single Contact (PSC) in the EU Member States has happened as a result of the Service Directive. It aims to strengthen the freedom of establishment and freedom to provide services in the single European market. So, in particular small and medium-sized businesses and professionals benefit from the service of the PSCs. "The offer is available to both, domestic and foreign citizens as well as third-party nationals", emphasizes Beate Schewietzek.

On the multilingual website of the PSCs service providers and professionals can find contact details of relevant authorities, as well as information on processes required (for example what documents need to be submitted, fees, time restrictions etc.) to set up business or to get their professional qualification recognised. Using the electronic ticket system they can submit their requests and queries from the comfort of their home (www.nrw-ea.de). The use of the Point of Single Contact in North Rhine-Westphalia is free of charge.

“If for example an Polish mason wants to get a trade licence, he or she would have to get their professional qualification recognised  as a prerequisite before he or she could obtain a licence from the trade licencing office. By contacting the PSCs directly, he or she wouldn’t have to approach different authorities, but could instead use the ticketsystem where all processes will be dealt with under one digital roof.”, explains Sabine Sommer. “The administration involved is simplified for the applicant as well as the relevant authority.”, Fabian Halt adds. This streamlining of administrative procedures indirectly also support local authorities and economic development agencies by bringing highly skilled migrants to the area whilst also reinforcing their role as a promoter of the local and regional economy.